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Our focus is in the core high impact segments of the economy and our horizontal and vertically integrated capabilities span the entire spectrum of ‘turnkey services’. Every aspect of Our businesses is characterized by professionalism and high standards of corporate governance.

our story

Basic Group (BG) was founded in 2006 and is a multi – disciplinary organization with offerings that span commodities trading, technology, engineering, construction, real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, education and financial services. The firm’s current core operational areas are commodities trading in the space of educational items, agricultural products and real estate. The company if looking to tie up relationships with trusted organizations through which long term business partnerships can be forged on a sustainable basis benefiting all concerned. The company currently has offices in only Uganda and as partnerships develop, more offices worldwide will be opened.

resource available

Project Management90%
Structural Design70%
Geographical Information Sysytems (GIS)85%
Transport Planning70%

Simplified Ingenuity

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Which is why we have the best personel working for you. Our portfolio includes live concerts, birthday parties, sporting events, press releases and many more.


We offer you the best services in Uganda with experienced team and staff at affordable prices

COMMODITIES TRADING / Sell of Educational Materials

Through our subsidiary company, Bookpoint, we sell books that are relevant for intellectual growth through our two outlets at Village Mall and Lubowa respectively. Our customers are mainly walk in clients to our outlets, primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary institutions and universities. Bookpoint is both diverse and inclusive, providing reading material to ensure the end users of the books or products get best value for money all the time.


We intend to develop a portfolio for managing buildings related assets, both directly and on behalf of our clients. This will give us a tremendous awareness of the issues faced by property portfolio owners.

Basic group provides specialist advice and project management across a wide range of service sectors. The main areas of work include highway asset development and maintenance, architecture, structural design, seismic strengthening, infrastructure development and asset management, water management and environmental planning. Basic group Project Managers are involved in the planning, execution, and closing of projects whilst managing the triple constraint for projects, which is cost, time, and scope. .


Committing money to own or lease property commits each of us to an investment for which we should expect an equitable financial return. The increasing complexity of the investment market requires increasing sophistication in research, analysis, forecasting and planning in order to maximise those expected returns. Basic group Property provides you – the investor – with the quantitative tools you need to benchmark and manage performance.


Basic group offers a wide range of engineering services that support all aspects of asset management and development for the transport sector. We work alongside our clients to plan, develop, maintain and operate transport infrastructure assets effectively and efficiently.


Basic group’s geospatial team in Uganda supports projects throughout the country. Our people have backgrounds in the environmental sciences, engineering, computer science and surveying. They are highly competent in the applied use of GIS and related technologies.


Basic group works with the local councils, contractors, private developers as well as residential land owners. We have an in-depth understanding of network operations and road network asset management that enables us to design public and private roads that offer value for money over the asset’s life cycle.


Basic group’s water specialists provide design and advisory services for wastewater, stormwater and water treatment projects for urban and rural environments. Our work is recognised internationally. The protection and appropriate use of water resources is vital for Uganda.


Transport planning is about understanding the connections between transport modes and the future shape of our towns and cities. It’s also about changing people's attitudes towards travel, encouraging alternatives to the private car, and getting more out of available resources.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of very highly qualified and motivated professionals and committed staff who have the necessary skills, training, qualifications and experience to handle any work.


Eng. David Luyimbazi Ssali

CEO(Executive Director)

He is Former Director Planning at UNRA, He is a Professional engineer with commendable experience having worked with the Ministry of Works and Transport for a long time.





She is a Real Estate Infrastructure Expert with a vast experience in engineering works. Holds a Masters in Business Administration in construction & Real estate of the University of reading.


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For any queries or enqueries about our Operations or Team or Service, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated staff will atend to all your needs.